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I’ll be 22 on Friday, 2012 recap…

Where did 2012 go? I’m getting old hahah…

My college career is coming to a close next semester. I’ll be out in the real world, looking for a job and hoping things turn out alright. Part of me wishes that I could go back and do things over. Nothing to drastic of course, just those little things you wish you had done. Looking back I wish there were chances I would have taken with people I had met - opportunity’s long gone now. I completely moved on from my ex, knowing that though we are still friends, we just aren’t compatible. I’ve never been the type to need a relationship. Though at times, I find myself alone at nights wishing I had someone there. Yet I always find ways to be alright with the fact that I’m single. All the people I wanted to be with are either completely off limits or they’ve changed so much in their ways that their not the same person I once knew.

Being slightly introverted I don’t necessarily put myself out in all of the social situations that would improve my chances of finding someone I’m interested in. I’ve always been the optimistic type. So I tell myself that things will fall into place as they are needed. I believe that. Even though some days it’s harder to than others. My closest friends are still by my side. And I think that’s what helps the most. Loyal. Loving. Everything that good friends should be.

What do I expect for my future? Only time will tell.


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  1. hollyfig said: I’m one hell of an introvert and the bar/club is the last place I’d wanna look :T Hey dude 22 is still super young. Enjoy the CD family before we all leave it! D:
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